APADS, Inc. is a support organization that fosters and provides mentoring support for Pan African students and scholars. We are concerned both with ensuring the academic success of students pursuing a doctoral degree, and supporting the professional development of Pan African scholars in educational, research, and corporate settings. We pursue this endeavor by "mentoring," networking, examining institutional policies and practices, and information exchange. Based on educational tracks that focus on degree pursuit strategies, professional development, and scholastic advocacy, we are a multifaceted non-profit organization interested in developing our community through the successes of our membership.

Few would argue that a pressing need does not exist for additional scholars of African descent in positions of decision-making authority, instruction, or management. Whether within the borders of the United States, or in sovereign nations beyond, we are faced with a crisis of representation and under-utilization of talents. As an organization, we feel that actions need be taken toward rectifying this crisis, and to assure that the "gift and graces" of all our citizens are used for the individual actualization and the greater good. Through our efforts in mentoring and professional development, APADS attempts to create and assure the options of academic success and professional accomplishment. We strive towards these goals, and seek to collaborate and fellowship with those of like mind.
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